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I want to arrive. Finally be there. With you. But where is this ... there. Where are you?

Follow your heart she says. Just follow your heart. Don't look at me. Not on anyone. Just look at you. Take care. Only on you. Go your way. Wherever it leads. Walk. Never stop walking. Do not look back.

I dedicate these lines to you. You. You inspire me. You are with me every day. Each night. I'm smiling.

I walk. As a child, I didn't like to walk far. Drive. Yes, driving was great. That's what I want. Sit and roll on. I wanted to drive. Drive far. But not too far. I was afraid of this far. How was I supposed to know then - what was going on in this far? And how far is this far? And where? Where is it? And so I stayed. Not far enough from my home. My life is bogging. Nothing is moving. Nothing happens. No thinking. Trapped in the family's brainpower. No moving. Don't think outside the box. It can be dangerous. Maybe you want to look beyond that? No. No horizon. Not far enough.

Some time ago I published a riddle. It occurs to me before while on the phone. I use the phone a lot on business. Sometimes then, my mind wanders. Flow. This is very interesting. When I talk on the phone, I travel the world and meet people. Without moving. I travel far. Very far. Most of these people I don't meet before. At first we are strangers. I listen carefully. Often they trust and tell me their stories. I love stories. Sometimes they're funny stories. Then we laugh together. Sometimes people are sad. Sometimes so badly that they cry. There life situation is bad at the moment. Then I encourage them. Because this situation will also pass. I meet people at their heart level. That is very nice. I learn from every story. It's exciting. I am curious to see if someone answers my riddle. Not until now. Perhaps people are afraid to reveal themselves not to know something. Because they don't know the solution. Or they think the riddle is pointless. But it has a deeper meaning. There is a math solution. It's a math puzzle. More important is the expanded knowledge from the riddle. Thinking outside the box. See the horizon. And that something goes on behind it, even if it is not yet visible at the moment. Is there still a fantasy in this world? If you have imagination, the puzzle becomes a philosophical puzzle. Whenever higher mathematics is no longer ready to offer solutions, philosophy is added as a language. And provides insights that mathematics can never come up with.

The riddle. A simple short sentence. It's not a paradox:

Who knows how to add another digit to an infinite series of numbers?

It's just a short sentence. Do you have imagination? Do you know the solution? With imagination you do.

My mother is dead. She dies on February 8th. I don't find grief. The suffering is over.


Today is a sad day. And a nice day. When people go home, when they leave us, this little drop returns to the infinite ocean from which it once emerged. This little drop that arose when we were conceived. This little drop without which this infinite ocean would not be complete. This drop must return so that when it returns there is again a unity. So that we can come full circle. So that all circles can become completed.

Everything is said. Everything is done. All pain is forgotten. It is calm. Nothing more will be said. Nothing more will be done. Nothing will be felt anymore. Nothing will be loud or quiet anymore. All thoughts are thought. They fall silent.

Our mother is going on her last journey. The circle begins to become completed. I am with her when I was born and when she says goodbye. As is my sister. This is the first time I've seen my sister in ten years. Today is a beautiful day.

Our mom is leaving. Will not come back. It is good as it is. She goes home. She wants to go to this beautiful forest of her childhood. So she said. In this beautiful forest, where the sunlight gently plays with the green leaves and lets the endless play of light and shadow fall on the fragrant forest floor. With the green leaves of the deciduous trees that move gently in the warm spring air. That's where she wants to go and dream. So she said. Except that then she would stay and not want to come back.

That's the way it is. It's finally good. Today is a beautiful day.


What is your imagination doing. Think of the horizon. Far and infinite. Infinity. Add another digit to the infinity. Not thinking consciously. Let your thoughts flow. Dreams. Dive in.

Far. Beyond the horizon lies the land of infinite possibilities. Also for you. For us, too. What is it like there? Where are you. Are you already there? I am traveling and do not see you. The horizon flees from me like a wild horse. But I'm traveling faster than the horizon can escape. Follow my heart. This is my destiny. I'll see you soon. Tangency. Love. Infinity.

The solution to the infinite series of numbers. Simple math.

0, 1, 2, 3, ... ∞

Move the infinite row of numbers one place to the right. This means that another position will be available in the first position. We are in the system of ten. In the binary system of two move the infinite series of numbers to the left. Then another position will be available in the first position.

0 + 1, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 ... ∞ + 1

Very simple math.

The solution to the infinite series of numbers. Philosophy.

Are you ready to move in your head? To change your inner position? To allow now, for something that you don't think is possible yet? Yourself to move a position? So that a free space is created. Which I take. Allowing you a new perspective on things in your life? Out of the victim role. Life is waiting for us beyond the infinite horizon. The land of endless possibilities. The infinite horizon is always there. It doesn't go away. But you can add this one position at any time. Move. Are you ready to end your search? Or do you search with resignation for the sake of searching? Are you ready to find? Only then there is endless tangency. And nothing but infinite love. Us.

© Ralph Oberbillig

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