Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2021

Spring in Corona land

Spring in Corona land.

It's spring. This year it starts in February. The country breathes a sigh of relief. There is a beautiful scent in the air. The lively blue ribbon of spring flutters gently through the gentle valleys.

I'm disappointed. That’s very good. The deception is gone. The curtain is drawn to one side. And again I have a clear view of the important and real processes. My mind works, rattles. My eyes and ears are open, my nose is free again. I am grounded. I think. I perceive again.

All the time it's in front of me. But I don't notice it. Can't see or smell it. Until now. It's like the gentle touch of a heartbeat. Materialized. Tangible. Beauty. Scent. Energy flows through me. Meanders through my mind and body. Fills every corner of my being. This scent that I perceive is the radiance of a beautiful person, increased to infinity. You are fragrant with a beautiful scent. Now I know it. Your beauty shines out of you from within. It breaks out of you. Will develop freely. It's like this ball of wool that you develop. The thread that unwinds from it and reveals itself at the end. To the beautiful true core of your existence. This bright light. You are the sun at the center of the universe. And I'm buzzing around you. You won't let go of me. Gravity binds us. I am your blue planet. Turn me in circles, bathing in your light. While you are giving me light and warming my surface, it is now spring in Corona land.

Three groups of people.

The largest group are the people who stink. They thoughts and actions are negative. They make others responsible for the result of their own thoughts and actions. Marked they fail in their lives. They are howling at the moon. And wait for the universe to change in their favor. But that doesn't happen. They are frustrated and jealous. They are addicted to zeal and get excited quickly. And so they are trapped. In this self-chosen spiral of lamentations and complaints. But if someone complains all the time, this person will eventually become intolerable. He's lonely.

Then there is the group of those who smell. They are like faces in a crowd. Invisible. Followers. They have long since cast their votes. To make themselves noticeable, give them a red whistle. And weekend demonstrations. They only exist as a swirling crowd. They never show face individually. They never speak up. They never lead. They run after an external commander. Waiting for someone to tell them which way to walk. What is lacking is the courage to esprit. There is a lack of courage to succeed. The willingness to take a risk.

The smallest group is the group of people which so fragrant with a beautiful scent. They are incredibly beautiful people. Confident. They are able to love them self. They know that they can only give what they own. So they give away their scent and their love for something and someone that they meet honestly and openly at their heart level. They are not asking for a personal benefit or a price. They share. Their life is full of light. They radiate outwards. They are vulnerable and full of emotion. These people are lighthouses in the gray fog of all kinds of the other two groups.

You are just there. And you laugh. How fragrant you are. I know it. Your face is shining. Your eyes shine beautiful. Your beauty is timeless. I hold you in my arms. Very tight. We Dance. Cheek on cheek. Your scent flows deep into me through my nose. Never I will let it go again. Don't dare to exhale. I want to keep it forever. And may the appearance eventually fade and gravity take its toll. Your beautiful heart, your laughter, your scent and your glow remains.

Thank you for your being.

© Ralph Oberbillig

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